Mazda 6 - Brochure Illustrations

I was commissioned by Alan Burrows on behalf of Mazda, to illustrate around 8 full double page spreads, as well as the cover, for the Pan-European brochure, launching and promoting the Mazda 6. I was briefed to create a futuristic illustrated setting within which to work each of the studio shot vehicles. This involved working alongside the photographer to maximise compatibility, mainly with regards to the necessary lighting and perspective. (NB: some of the vehicles shown within these images are not the final cleaned photographic versions used within the brochure, and therefore may not be of the intended quality).

Mazda 6: Cover Art
Mazda 6: Double page spread
Mazda 6: Double page spread - Directional Headlights
Mazda 6: Double page spread
Mazda 6: Double page spread
Mazda 6: Double page spread

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